Nicholas A. “Andy” Andreacchio

Nicholas A. Andreacchio

Son of a career NCO, Nicholas was born and spent his first eight years of his life on a horse Cavalry post. He moved around with his family as normal in the Army. Nicholas enlisted as a private two days out of high school and spent four years in the ranks, reaching sergeant before he went to Infantry OCS, commissioned Armor. He commanded Battalion, Brigade and US Army School of Americas before retiring after 32 years active service. He has been married for 46 years to a woman from El Salvador and has three grown children.

Nicholas served in Vietnam, 1966-1967 as Senior Advisor of the ARVN 7th Cav. Regt. stationed in the two Northern provinces. He states, “I am proud of my service with the 7th which was the first ARVN Cav. Regt. to receive the US Presidential Unit Citation.”

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