Dennis A. Ambrose


Beneath a late summer sun life awoke from its distant dreams.
Just another day at first it seemed until suddenly the sun darkened
and froze, now in the silence of a winter night.
A new world emerged suddenly in so many differences.
I tried to understand why the day no longer followed the night.

Once a morning blue became the moment of eternal question;
First the disbelief, now the anger.
One moment in time can change everything and everything within
time becomes suddenly changed.

From the tragedy of the moment we are revived into a new spirit.
America is a spirit, not of buildings and walkways of green.
America is about thoughts and dreams
that no fear in time can touch.

Each of us is like a snowflake in time,
yet one message in each journey speaks very loud.
We are the beating hearts of America
that no nation on earth can silence.

September 11, 2001 was a day of deepest American tragedy.
September 12, 2001 became a new morning of American spirit.
The world had forgotten America in its true red, white and blue.
September morning 2001 has touched one eternal spring.