Kenneth Alward


A long, long time ago
Seems before time began
Two young lovers
Walked together hand in hand

They knew nothing of sorrow
They knew nothing of pain
The only thoughts they had
Were of money and fame

A child was conceived
Though conceived out of lust
The results are in
Marriage a must

Marry we did
Our intentions all good
We’ll make it work
On firm ground we stood

The years went on
Our family grew
we were all so happy
Outsiders knew

But inside our hearts
The fire was flickering out
We’ll try our damnedest
To work this thing out

We’ll do it for mom
We’ll do it for dad
But what the hell for
It’s nothing they had

Let’s do the right thing
We would say to ourselves
As we walked to separate beds
And cleaned off our shelves

A sad day passed
As we looked in the mirror
Happiness counts
It doesn’t get any clearer

So we parted our ways
Bitter at times
Wrote some very angry poems
With very few rhymes

As with the raging ocean
All storms do subside
I’ll always miss
That little one by my side

But with pain comes pleasure
And with heartache reward
Replaced by someone special
… My daughter…

“Thank you Lord”