Fred Alvis


They crossed the centerline.
We hit head to head.
Three people were killed;
I spent a month in bed.

Never to walk normal again
and not able to run;
I am still alive,
I am the lucky one.

Took a year of fighting,
and the reward was small.
Their family resented me,
‘cause I got it all.

Lawyer and Hospital got two thirds;
one third left to a broken man.
Picked up the paper and read an ad,
twelve-hundred bucks, I had a plan.

Chopper for sale,
ride if you dare.
I put down my money,
I rode out of there.

Ah, sweet summer nights,
ride and feel the wind.
Freedom from all,
on a big V twin.

Ride in the rain,
ride till it hurts.
Ride to the bar,
quench more than a thirst.

Broken dreams and broken men,
forget it all.
Ride hard on that machine,
screw the law.

Long rides, alone with me,
warm sun and wind.
Death, rides with me
on the back of three dead friends.