Fred Alvis

(A Response)

You want to be my friend,
or you want to be my lover.
You want to be close,
to be like another.

Others have passed,
along this way.
Others have gone,
left hurt and dismay.

Accept me as I am,
do not try and change.
Accept me as I am,
I may seem strange.

I see your efforts,
they gladden my heart.
I cannot respond;
I am afraid to show the spark.

Please don’t leave,
life will be empty again.
Please don’t leave;
I know how it’s been.

You see me as cold,
but that’s not the way.
Fear holds my heart,
to this very day.

I am not really cold,
can’t you see.
Please stay awhile,
oh sweet Melanie

A response to the poem, “The Lonely Man” ~ ©Copyright March 21, 2007 by Melanie C. Campos