Fred Alvis


Many years ago, I took a summer job. It was ok, as summer jobs go. It did work out to last a year though.

That summer long year, I spent traveling from one place to another. Saw a lot of different things, met a lot of folks, some not as friendly as they could have been, others were, and still other would be, if you paid them 20 bucks or so. Seemed like a lot of money, when they only wanted to spend the night (all nighter, GI), and heck, most of that was spent sleeping anyway. This offer was made by men as well as women; what a friendly people.

Most everything could be had for a twenty… or lots of an everything. Heck, beer was 15 cents and mixed drinks were a quarter. A carton of cigs was under 3 dollars… and some folks, friendly of course, wanted to trade a kilo… never understood what a kilo was. Heck, back home we had silos, but not that other stuff, for our smokes.

I was lucky in so many ways, during this summer job. Heck, I even ate some bananas; little fellers they were, with tiny black seed in them. Best ones I ever ate.

Now, they didn’t (the bosses) want us to go out much at night, but heck, who wanted to; ‘twern’t anywhere to go… no sock-hops or nothing. Didn’t even see one hot rod ‘57 Chevy the whole time I worked that summer… though I did see a ‘61 Corvette, in a place called Saigon. The local boys there, a couple of them anyway, did ride Harleys.

Speaking of riding, many spoke of cowboys and to beware of them, but I never saw one single horse the entire trip. He I did see lots of fellows with cowboy hats on, but I was told that ain’t the same.

Will finish later… gotta go play with the Baby’s Momma.