Fred Alvis


Morse's Creek, Bright, Victoria, Australia
Morse’s Creek, Bright, Victoria, Australia
Singing brooks,
dancing along their way;
Shadowed meadows,
guarding song birds at play.

Gentle breezes
waves in the grass;
Warm sunshine
reflects like glass.

Trout in the shadows
waiting for a meal;
Bugs buzzing;
nothing stands still.

Clouds above,
fluffy not dark;
Beavers grounded
eating willow bark.

Butterflies chasing
the next best flower;
Bees in pursuit,
more honey by the hour.

So was the land,
nature’s intent
Already beautiful,
no need to invent.

Look around,
smell the flowers.
Live each day,
we have only hours.

Be gentle
with the land.
Beautiful nature,
she has the plan.

Summer dreams,
lazy day;
Summer night,
stars light the way.

Shadowed meadows,
lazy streams,
Song birds accompany
life’s summer dreams.