Fred Alvis


Headlights shine thru the windshield,
passing thru the nights.
More miles in front than back:
too dark to see the sights.

Haven’t seen the wife
going on two weeks;
Haven’t been in here,
to visit with you peeps.

Big rig rolls along,
up and down the hills.
It’s autumn now,
visuals are a thrill.

Over the mountains in Tennessee,
down the other side;
river gorges dancing
birch trees with white hide.

Into the Carolinas;
rain hits hard.
Up into the Virginias:
D.O.T. wants to see my card.

Pennsylvania finds me a shower,
some much needed rest.
New York brings mountains,
300 horsepower, 18 wheels do their best.

80 thousand pounds, and 70 foot long,
I drive the beast.
Into Buffalo and Niagara Falls,
pick up 30,000 pounds of flour and yeast.

Down to Virginia Beach,
give it to the G.Is
Pick up 40,000 pounds of fake Xmas trees,
Down to Savannah and sunny skies.

Headlights in the darkness,
radio playing loud;
alone for two weeks,
wife says she is lonely, but proud.

Can’t sleep now,
headed toward home.
Headlights in the darkness
across America I roam.

Drive eleven hours,
must take off ten.
Faint memories and smiles,
show where I been.

Author’s Note: I have just learned the skills and safety aspects of driving the 18 wheelers that crisscross our country.12 states, 4600 miles in two weeks was my first trip. What a beautiful country we live in.