Fred Alvis


Back in the early 70s, I was into muscle cars and old, old, jeeps. You have seen the guys out in their driveways on Saturdays or Sundays, head under the hood of their gleaming idea of masculine fun. That was me one day, out in the driveway, head under the hood, of my 67 SS 396. This is a story of that day, a very short story to an even shorter Hoorah under the hood.

Think of this sound… thump, thump, thump, thump… now think of it real fast. That’s the sound a finger makes when jerked back from power steering unit and into running Big Block fan.

“Oh Chit” is sound made by man doing this;
“Oh my goodness” is sound made by doctor looking at finger in emergency room;
“Oh Chit” is sound made by man getting pain killer shots into knuckle of said finger;
“Gimme a 6 pack” is sound heard from man after leaving Drug store with small bottle full of very powerful pain killers;
“Ahhh” is sound heard later, after man gets home, and all drugs and beer hit home.