Fred Alvis


Thurman Woodfork
Thurman P. Woodfork

Stanley Woodfork
Stanley Woodfork
Though we are different,
we are of the same blood.
Life’s roads – different paths;
Brothers forever

Sometimes anger,
always love.
Always cared,
never a stranger

Good to hear your voice;
been a while.
Like to see you soon;
too many miles.

Never told you
I love you.
You’re my brother –
didn’t need to do.

Age brings many thoughts;
sickness brings many more.
Good to hear your voice;
it’s been a while.

Sickness won’t get better;
they say you’re going to die.
Fucking CANCER,
I don’t want to say goodbye.

God in heaven,
please be kind.
Please take care
of this brother of mine.

Life’s been long
but way to short.
There is no justice
in this court.

Woody, our friend,
we know your grief.
Woody, our friend,
his life was too brief.

Please God in heaven,
hear this prayer.
He is a good man,
we truly care.