Fred Alvis


IWVPA Club Recognition of Outstanding Non-War Related Writing: February 6, 2006
Awarded: February 6, 2006
I watched you cry,
every time they touched you.
I watched your pain,
the drugs, and needles too.

I was there when they cut you;
I was there when chemo started.
I watched them poison you,
They were so cold hearted.

I held you when you cried,
and when you hair started to fall.
I told you I loved you,
you were still the belle of the ball.

I pushed you when too sick to walk,
or saw you crawl across the floor.
I tried to feed you things you used to like,
You wasted away, didn’t care to eat anymore.

My heart cried out in pain,
I tried to help, not much I could do.
I couldn’t give you my strength,
my best was just to hold you.

You cried in your sleep,
and when you thought I couldn’t hear.
But I was attuned to your every move;
your every sound reached my ear.

I have known bravery in battle,
the killing fields of war.
My love, I saw your fight,
your face of courage that you wore.

You were so helpless, but tried to be so brave,
so full of pain and hurt.
What those drugs did to you,
on the inside you were so burnt.

You finally got better,
then you thought to leave.
You got the better of cancer,
but it ended by hurting me.

One week you were gone,
before you started to think,
of the man you left behind,
who took care of you till you were in the pink.

I let you go, gave you my support;
that was what you needed in the end.
I watched you go with heavy heart,
hoping would return once again.

You began to cry over what you had lost.
I was home waiting, the mind is last to heal.
You called, said I wanted to come home,
I said I love you, that’s the only deal.

Cancer treatments are over,
almost 3 months of late.
Our love is stronger now,
and your new hair looks just great.