Fred Alvis


Drive down the road,
light rain falling.
Twilight comes,
tiredness calling.

Cars whiz by;
going the other way.
Lights in eyes
end of summer’s day.

White lines pass by,
at 50 miles an hour.
Gotta get home,
late is the hour.

Headlights in front;
coming across my lane.
Slam on the brakes,
world explodes in pain.

Gotta get out,
what’s happened to me.
Gotta get out,
bloods blinding; can’t see.

Get door open,
take first step.
God the pain,
pass out no help.

Wake up lying on the road,
head cradled in a lap.
Screaming in the background,
don’t know where I’m at.

Blood in my eyes,
what happened I ask.
There’s been a wreck,
they were going too fast.

Sirens and screams,
someone’s sister is at hand.
Three dead boys,
short life span.

I forget what happened,
I ask several times.
You’ve been in a wreck,
blood still has me blind.

A long night’s drive:
siren screaming towards care.
Stay awake they tell me;
seems like a nightmare.

I cannot remember,
don’t know where I am at.
Jesus the pain:
feel like I been beat with a bat.

Wake up again,
on an operating table.
Don’t know where I am;
speak French when I am able.

Two weeks ago,
I had been in France.
Thought I was still there,
knocked silly by chance.

Trying to tell them
just who I am;
don’t want to die,
unknown in this land.

Wake up again,
clean white bed.
Then they tell me:
three boys dead.