Fred Alvis


Resupply at An Khe Pass: 1971-72
Resupply at An Khe Pass: 1971-72
Photo with gratitude to Vietnam Veterans of Korea

IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: June 16, 2007
Awarded: June 16, 2007
We tried to answer your call,
be it day or night.
We gave it our all,
for a red flair flight.

By God we tried,
as best we could.
You were our brothers;
That was understood.

We were only slicks,
taking you in and out,
Bringing you mail,
water, and ammo no doubt.

Many times we flew in hot,
and carried out a few.
Not all made it,
shot through and through.

We were your lifeline,
you depended upon us.
We tried not to fail,
we earned your trust.

We flew into tracers green,
we lost a few crew.
You needed us,
you warriors too few.

Come hell or high water,
we fired up our birds.
Our brothers called us
we gave you our word.

Many died on a hoary night,
after the call came through.
We are in a fire fight;
God help the brave few.

Bringing in ammo and replacements,
taking out your dead;
Dark nights and green tracers,
deadly missiles of lead

We did our best,
to cover your back.
Death from above,
when you were attacked.

We lost so many,
in our birds of prey.
We took care of our brothers,
even when hell to pay.

God wasn’t there,
but we were,
Day or night,
when help call did occur.

Blood on our floors,
barrels cherry red;
There for our brothers,
don’t count our dead.