Fred Alvis


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: February 13, 2007
Awarded: February 13, 2007
I hit the streets running,
scorned by all.
Hit the streets flying,
felt the wall.

‘nother toke, ‘nother hit,
so far I have roamed.
‘nother drink, ‘nother laugh,
where is home.

Too much changed,
all within.
Don’t know, don’t care,
don’t want to remember where I been.

Friends have changed,
now truly alone.
Can’t seem to find
my way home.

Drink and drugs,
thirty-five years have gone by.
Hurt so many,
they don’t understand why.

Run from myself,
can’t get away.
Run from the demons,
nightmares they stay.

All I ever wanted
was to come home.
I just can’t find,
my way home.