Fred Alvis


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: October 4, 2007
Awarded: October 4, 2007
The fire burned low,
old friends around it.
Easy laughter,
old warriors reflected sprit.

Passed warriors
sat there too;
Next to old friends,
way too few.

Smoke dancing,
pines a popping;
Late into the night,
easy laughter not stopping.

Brotherhood of the gun,
or is it blood.
Shared danger,
tears in the mud.

Mist of time,
shares the smoke.
See a face,
remember a joke.

Passed brothers,
amused by our talk.
Bless our brothers,
they did the walk.

Some went to hell,
to fly the fiery skies.
Wait for me brother;
I will be by your side.

Empty beer cans,
abandoned youth.
The smoke dances,
we know the truth.

Hell waits for me,
brothers make space.
We did what we had to do,
sending others to that place.

Into hell I will walk,
head held high,
Looking for my brothers,
listening for a warriors cry.

Step aside demon,
out of my way.
Warriors I seek,
they have paved my way.

Honor is their code,
death is their job.
Some passed early,
death did rob.

Cast aside evil,
warriors I seek.
Away you devils,
away you weak.

Brotherhood of the gun,
or is it blood.
Smoke dances,
late night memories.