Sergei Alexandrov:
Александров Сергей Константинович

Sergey AlexandrovSergei was born in 1944 in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. He took an external degree of High Military School of Communication Service in Tomsk. Now living in Saint Petersburg, Sergei retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. During his Army career, he served in Mongolia, East Germany, Afghanistan (Rukha), and Estonia.

Nina Menshikh (Нина Меньших) of the “Art of War” Journal writes: “Sadly, Sergey passed away on 25th June 2009 at 8:00 pm, in Saint Petersburg. Sergey – one of the authors included on IWVPA and the Art-of-War Websites – would have been 65 years of age several days later, but he’ll never be.

His friends remember so very well how he was glad having known that his stories were displayed on the IWVPA website and that foreign readers would get to know a little bit more about Afghanistan and people who had gone through it… and how he was happy having seen his private page on IWVPA.

I remember his warm and cordial words about you and the Great Work you do… And from now on, there will be no Sergei Konstantinovich. He was a very, very-very-very Kind man, a person of Ready Sympathy… May he rest in the Kingdom of Heaven!”

Родился в 1944 году в Баку. Окончил экстерном Томское ВВКУ связи. Служил: Монголия, ГДР, Афганистан (Руха), Эстония. Подполковник в отставке, живу в Питере.

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