David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Sitting spitting and talking about what used to be
Maybe we are too old for what is in front of us to see
The brothers and spirit of brotherhood that we knew
Have dwindled down to a precious few.

Hearing this confusing talk of war
Thinking that we would hear of it no more
Knowing that war and peace is just a scheme
And lasting peace is just a dream.

Old enemies turn out to be allies of this day and age.
Old hated enemies are like no longer on the stage;
Younger, fitter and more skillful have taken our place –
Like our fathers we were easy to replace.

One thing that we might pass along:
God, duty and country are things that make you strong
Forget one and your mission will be lost
And the ones standing and saluting will also bear the cost.

If you must go to fight this war
We will pray that your journey will be swift, decisive and needed no more.
Yesterday’s soldiers have seen their time come and go
They now stand behind you as you fight our common foe.

You can be sure of one thing while engaged in combat:
Each nation that you now represent, will surely tip its hat
And each will support and welcome you home
As you take your place as Yesterday’s Soldiers – no more to roam.