David R. “Poppa” Alexander


I also did my time and was in Vietnam
And yes, you were at home where it was calm.
But take this from a Vietnam Vet,
Your service we will never forget.

Yes, you were lucky, but none of us are sore,
Because you didn’t actually serve in the war.
But you can’t blame yourself for those that didn’t come home,
And I hope you will talk to us and not be alone.

We were there and you were not,
But never feel that we have forgot.
Because we all know that you did what we could not,
You were at home and you protected our families while we could not.

I can feel the love you feel,
And yes, we all know that it is real.
You are just as much an American Hero as any that served,
And don’t ever forget that a debt of gratitude you deserve.

For those of us that came back home,
Our memories haunt us wherever we roam.
All of us Vets feel for those that are hurting and dead,
And for ALL of them a tear we shed.

But speaking for all the Vietnam Vets
Always remember and never forget:
We love you like a brother too,
Because you did your duty like we knew you would do.

A response to the poem “Words from a Vietnam Era Vet” ~ ©Copyright July 18, 2002 by Steve Brandenburg