David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Forget the fame and glory
Forget all while you read this story.
We cannot be perfect all of the time
Especially while to the top we climb.

While an officer in combat many years ago
I oft wondered how I was thought of by GI Joe.
In my minds eye I could see wonder and doubt
When giving orders that involved lives
that was what it was about.

My wish to be good enough was within my very soul
Only hoping that they understood the combat officers role.
Never once did I direct without thought
But some died and we knew not for what we fought.

On the other side of the coin
I wonder if they felt I wished that they had never joined.
Funny how one’s mind does wonder
When life and death can come with just one blunder.

Fame? Never entered my mind,
But getting as many home as possible and saving their behind.
After many months of being in the field
My tour was ending and going home didn’t feel real.

A PFC and Staff Sergeant came to me
Expressing their thanks and for in this story it is the key.
Not that I did such a great job
Seems they just appreciated the fact
I was just like them – another poor slob.

Fame, naw, not for me
I was nothing for the world to see
Fame, yes as you may define,
Comes to me because of my men
and their words to me are so sublime.

Submitted for the May 2004 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Fame