David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Who said we can’t?
Who said we weren’t good enough?
Who said we don’t have the will?
Who said we won’t fight?

Was it longhaired, maggot infested, stoned, hippies?
Was it Momma’s boys with school deferments?
Was it rich kids with the money to buy their way out?
Was it scared, Canadian running cowards?

Why did congress stop supporting, not the war, but the fighting men and women?
Why did the people back home hate us?
Why did we fight this war?
Why did the Vietnam people not want us there?

Was it lies, political power and greed?
Was it promises made that were not kept?
Was it underestimating the enemy?
Was it politicians unwilling to support the very ones fighting for them?

Why was the War not supported?
Why did we not finish what we were able to do?
Why did some of us not come home?
Why did some of us come home and never found home again?

All of the questions, none of the answers
Over 50,000 names on a black stone wall
Money, money, money the root of evil
But the dead are just as dead