David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Who asks that question that is a blade through the heart?
Who dares ask the question that tears us apart?
Who asks a question that all fear to answer?
Who asks the question that kills more than cancer?

Who, who? Who ask the question that every mother knows?
Who ask the question that is louder than the cry of the crow?
Who among you dare to treat the question as if it were to provoke?
Who I say? Who would do such a thing one that makes grown men choke?

Who pleads for an answer from those that has given so much?
Who would be so callous as to ask; knowing all those it will touch?
Who could continue to ask the same question time and again?
Who, who, I ask of you again who could cause so much pain?

It is I that have seen you fight, and die by bullet, stone and knife.
It is I, who dares to ask so much of father, mother, son, daughter, husband and wife.
It is I, who ask, but not without cause. For each time I have asked you have answered the call.
I am your brother, sister, son, daughter, mother, father, child and family all.

Who asks such a question? It is I that held up the flag played the drum and fife.
It is I, your freedom, your liberty, your way of life.
Who ask the question of so many, so many times before, seeing your courage woman and man?
Who dare ask again, for so much? It is I your country, your way of life, your homeland.

Who answers the question; it is each and every soldier, sailor, pilot and marine.
The one that ask the question witnessed more courage than any eye has ever seen.
Who asks the question, one that must ask again, your country to protect?
Who asks is not important? The important thing is those that answer; they, we will not forget.