David R. “Poppa” Alexander


As I sit and watch a grieving nation on TV,
pride and anger both swells up in me.
Strange and unholy mad men have attacked my homeland
with a cruel and deadly strike just as they had planned
I see time and time again the towers fall
as the innocent people answer deaths call.
I’ve seen the survivors and families weep
and have felt their pain that cuts so deep.

I am a patriot and a flag waver
through and through.
I mean no disrespect to any of you,
but I am reminded of the names on “The Wall”
Of all of the men and women
who answered their countries call.

Of the men and women of all the wars
that left loved ones behind
What of their anger, their anguish,
their loss and their daily grind?
What about the little ones
who have no memories of their dad;
Growing up in near poverty
without the things they would have had?

I’m reminded of a friend
that left a wife and two young daughters behind
He was a good honest husband, father, and soldier,
one of a kind.
A silver coffin, closed and put in the ground,
the family suffering great pain
Buried with little ceremony,
his family unable to view even his remains.

Where are the parades, the ceremonies,
and the recondition that they all deserve?
The families of 911 will receive
an average of a million dollars I observe,
While the family of my friend
got $312.00 a month on which to live.
Where is the justice and the outrage for them,
forgotten when he had nothing left to give.

There are 58,229 names on “The Wall”
and not counting the lives lost in Korea and Desert Storm.
What day do we stop everything and list their names on TV
and what ceremonies do we perform
It’s just a day of reflection
and a time to set the journal straight
I guess it doesn’t matter
to the ones that the injustice doesn’t touch
… or hardship create.