David R. “Poppa” Alexander


It was his first time to the Wall,
His Grandma took him there,
He wasn’t very old at all,
Grandma now had gray hair.

Young boys of five,
Ask questions hard to answer:
“Are none of these names alive?”
“Alive? Yes sir.”

“You see son, they live in our hearts,”
Still the young man didn’t understand,
“These names were young and alive at the start;
None of them burned their draft cards and ran.”

“These names are men lost in Vietnam;
We will always keep them very much alive in our hearts.”
“Couldn’t we find them, Grandma Pam?”
No one could see the question was tearing her apart.

“Grandma, is Grandpa still in Vietnam?”
A young man’s question’s that pulls at her heart,
“They are with the Lord.”
No one could know how they hurt his Grandma Pam;
No one could see they were tearing her apart.

“Grandma.” Just one more question from little Jim.
Grandma stiffened to hear this one last query,
“Why did they leave Grandpa in Vietnam?
Didn’t they know we loved him?”
Grandma’s answer, “The Lord needed Grandpa;
He had a heavy load for him to carry.”

Little Jim looked up at Grandma Pam, and said, “I love you.”
Her eyes wet with hurting tears,
He said, “The Lord must love Grandpa too,”
She answered, “I’ve believed that for all these many years.”