David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Long ago for some and not so long ago for others
Many went to the service of their country and found brothers.
They were promised certain things for their service
Medical care, burial plots, and other things that make me nervous.

They fought the good fight many lost their life
Many lost more than they had to give, family and wife.
But they carried on with no complaint to be heard
Of course many things could have been changed that they preferred.

For the lucky ones that made it home
They expected the government to keep its word with the belief of Boehm.
Then to find that the wind blows many different ways
Most things change while very few the same way do they stay.

Now that they are growing older, maybe not much wiser,
But with the help of many an advisor
They have found that their ills can be treated
But to find the answer one must deal with the very ones that earlier cheated.

Many a veteran now finds ailments that are showing up later in life
Their only help is God, a good advisor and an understanding wife.
So before you put down those seeking their just dues
Maybe you could put yourself for one day in their shoes.

They want nothing for free
Just what was promised when they signed the military decree.
They have fought long and hard to gain the promised compensation
Wouldn’t it be nice if the earned were given by a grateful nation?