David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Well here I go again
Feeling sorry for myself, they say
Heck I didn’t know I had lost so much sleep
Feeling sorry for myself; I thought my men were on my mind all day.

Well here I go again
Sadness, gloom, memories and pain
Tears, nightmares, and anger that’s what I feel today
Feeling sorry for myself, I guess it must be so I of feeble brain.

Well here I go again
This time of year seems to bring on this self indulgent blur
Nothing to worry about though because they are sure nothing happened to bother me
These old self pity feelings I get about things that never were.

Well here I go again
Seems like those that didn’t serve know better than I
Must be true; I’m a washed up has been of an old man feeling sorry for myself.
Guess I should ramble on off; bother no one else with my feelings for those that did die.

Well here I go again
Here I go again
And again
From now on from self pity I shall refrain.