David R. “Poppa” Alexander


They watch as each brother comes along
Over the hill to victory where they can sign a song.
Brothers marching to a different drum
The old ones watch and in silence they succumb.

New brothers are on their way
A new body, mind and soul will they get today.
Through the valley and to a golden arch
Across the gorge to a small noel they march

For years no one was there to ease the lingering pain
For years they drifted through a mental haze mixed with tears that fell like rain.
But today, brothers who have gone on before will meet them
Navy, Army, Air Force, and the Marine Corps.

Today they will be welcomed home to the fold
Their pain, hurt and injury will be healed, and no sad stories will be told
The brothers that have gone before will be there with open arms
Never again will they be afraid to sleep, and forever no more harm.

The one oldest soldier standing there with golden wings
Will be there to greet them and no bad memories will he bring.
A choir of angels will sing the ballad of peace and love
And their Heavenly Father will usher them to their mansion up above.