David R. “Poppa” Alexander


We were there at The Battle of the Marne September 1914
We were there at St Mihiel in September 1917
We never wavered nor gave an inch
Fighting from the beaches and from every ditch.

We were there at Pearl Harbor December 1941
We were there at Guadalcanal August 1942
We were there at The Battle of the Bulge in December 1944
Again fighting for our country, liberty with all the death and the gore.

We were there June 25, 1950 along with our Australian brothers
We were there on the 26th as the country held its breath;
We could hear the weeping of our mothers,
We were there at Pusan along with the Australians and R.O.K. Armies
With each battle all the brothers fought and motive of each one could draw an analogy.

We were there at the Ia Drang Valley, Kontum, Hue, and Khe Sanh,
We were at Saigon, LZ English, and Bon Son
We were there from 1951 till leaving in 1975
This time the country divided by deceit and lies.

We were there January 17, 1991, when the bombs found targets in Baghdad to attack.
We were there February 28 when the allied brothers stood side by side and entered Iraq.
We stood tall on March third when victory was declared.
The causalities cared for and the soldier’s war was won,
And grieving families’ tears were shared.

We will be there if ever the need arise
We will stand with our brothers as they say goodbye
If again we find it necessary to see that day we’ll stand beside you and often kneel to pray.
Know also that you go to defend a grateful nation and world, no matter what the few may say.