David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Veterans have waited for many long years
Some much longer than others
And some no longer shed the tears
Many leave behind wives, children, fathers and grieving mothers.

For all veterans of all wars that stood the terrible hoard
Victories, defeats and sometimes just a draw
So many fought the good fight and with the eagles soared
While others stood by and looked in wondered awe

The battles came and the battles went
Knowing tomorrow battle to face again
Seems the more battles fought the more battles would be sent
Tortured, weathered faces of battle weary soldiers in agony and pain

Waiting? For what you might ask?
Waiting for the only thing a veteran/soldier awaits
The final call the end of the fight, the final task
That is the only thing on which he/she relates.

An end to the madness, the death, the struggle to survive
While politicians debate with their own pockets to fill
Another soldier dies while the politicians thrive
Waiting to see the end with no more blood to spill.

Waiting in vain, for battles will continue to arrive;
The soldier has no voice in them, just to fight and die
With the God inserted will to simply survive
But knowing all the while that their lives is all they supply.