David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Skies of blue
For all the world who knew
Loved ones at home unsuspecting
None of this is connecting.

Skies of amber
Seemed the entire world was a burning ember
Lives so full of hope and dreams
Can someone tell me what this all means?

Skies of gray
No one will forget that faithful day
Two aircraft in a single blow
Sent two massive buildings to the ground below

Skies of black
No one can bring our families members back
A cowardly act of terror struck hard
And left those behind forever scarred.

Skies of dark falling ash
To remind us of a cowards evil dash
But we will survive that horrible day
And we will make the guilty pay

Skies of Red, White, and Blue
But something the terrorist never knew
Instead of putting nations at odds
All freedom loving nations now stands as one; united people under God.