David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Have you ever been out of control?
With no reason at present that would unfold,
Sitting alone in a room
A sinking feeling of agony and doom.

Anger in you will emerge
You lash out at anyone with a sudden surge.
Loved ones soon learn to tread lightly
While you are in this state of anxiety

Some will leave you alone
Others will smother you with love rarely shown,
But what most don’t understand
It’s not something that you can plan.

Rage and uncertain depression you feel
Isn’t something that is easy to heal.
If you have rage and are out of control
Because of the lost innocence of youth that war stole

Questions ask without answers to make you whole
Feelings of guilt that tear at your sole
Why was I spared and so many lost their lives
Like a stake through the heart that question drives.

So you strive to make another day
Without the rage and anger you display.
The feelings are never really gone
But you must control it and appear not withdrawn.

Your family has stood by you through all these years
And they have shed more than just a few tears
Blame and guilt are the largest obstacles to overcome
And to these you must not succumb.

You hold your family close to your chest.
Time after time ask forgiveness from them and the rest
For they struggle to understand
Why you went away a boy and came home a bitter man.