Sheila Williams ~ Singing Cloud

Alan L. Winters


Through the valleys we have tread
And through a steady rain.
And wondered during darkest times,
Would someone ease the pain?

And when we think we can’t go on
We reach the valley’s edge
And far above we see
The mountain’s highest ledge.

But now instead of stopping here
We find the strength we need
To rise above the obstacles
To push ahead, to lead.

And as you tread on highest peaks
Follow in the Lord’s design.
Walk softly now but walk away.
You’ve left your love behind.

As one of the newest members of the group I regret that I never got the chance to know you. I’ve heard so much about you from others. I’m sorry, but I handle emotion very well so please try to understand. You are in my prayers always.

Alan L. Winters: To Poppa
May this path lead you to a brighter tomorrow
May you join hand in hand with a loving god
May you live an eternity in peace


Alan L. Winters
June 15, 2006


You touched our lives
In each our own way.
We were all so Blessed to know you
And were honored to share
In your celebration of life.
You were cherished
And cherished still.
And in time we’ll join you
On the other side
And be Blessed again that day.