Ann-Marie Spittle


Fear not for I soon will be with my Lord
The one who held me in my hours of need
When blackness filled my soul
And forgave me all
He has held me when I could not go on
And filled my heart with courage
To face the faceless and win

Save your tears for yourself
Be happy while we are together
For every precious moment marks a memory
That will bring regret if not used to the full
And you must not regret
For our time is sacred

Hold your wailing till I am gone
For I go to my Lord with peace in my heart
I know His love
And wish you would also
Not fall into the trap of mortal grief
For I have not left you
Merely changed in form

I am still me and always will be
Know this to be true
And in my passing remember me at our place
And know I am there and elsewhere also
Not trapped in the sickened body you once knew

Rejoice for I am free
And so are you
Free to love all others and remember our love
For in so doing you have blessed me
Released me and exalted me
For true love and faith releases us all

Hold my hand until I pass
For though I know the Lord waits for me
I fear how I will pass
I need your strength as I always have
But when the time comes I know you will be strong
And ease my passing with your presence

When I pass try not to grieve
For this body is not me
It is a shell that I once was
I will be free
And you can live again
Safe in the knowledge that I am
In the hands of my Lord Jesus Christ

Author’s Note: Poppa: Though I’ve only known you a short time you have inspired me to write the above poem. I hope it doesn’t upset you that I’ve taken this liberty. Ann-Marie: May 10, 2006


Soft as spring morning is an angel’s breath
Far reaching and powerful
Deep into our lives
Though we feel we walk this path alone
They are our silent guides
Standing on the sidelines awaiting their moment
The soft breeze of their wings shows their presence
When the darkness cloys and binds you
When the fears of life confront you
They breathe their comfort
Into the whirlwind of your turmoil
Gently awakening a sense of peace
While the world around you shudders
And you know then all will be well
And your pathetic efforts at problem solving
Have been replaced by eternal knowing
And worries disappear like vapour
On a beam of light through a dark clouded sky
And you can breathe again
And smile again
And know you are safe


Soft are the words of my angel,
As he guides me along my spirits path,
Gentle his hands as he turns me to see where I should be at,
Whispers the words I should listen to,
Shows me what’s right by his messages,
Soft is the way of my angel,
But strong are his words in my heart

Love is the greatest thing given,
Understanding and care is his way;
He carries me when burdens overwhelm me,
And helps me to find my true path.

I listen out for my angel,
What he has to say each day,
His guidance is soft as a feather,
Or a breath of fresh air in the rain.

His love is far greater than ours,
His dedication knows no stop or no end,
He stands by my side when I’m lonely,
And holds me when no one’s my friend.

His heart is bigger than the oceans,
And his love reaches further than the stars,
His heart it always is open,
And carries me home to my Lord