Faye Sizemore


We fought in that Asian war… right or wrong
We may have been missed by the bullets song
but something as deadly may just come along
We may think that we are now long out of the shit
Let me tell we ain’t part way out of the woods yet
… The biggest threat of later life is Agent Orange
Diabetes and cancer… a few to make you cringe
With you and death… a meeting it can arrange
We could have been touched with its toxic tinge
… just more victims of the deadly Agent Orange
Thirty years on down the road we still cringe
We know it may wait quietly years for its revenge
while we suffer much like a dog with the mange…
waiting for our government to begin to avenge
before there’s nothing more left of us to scavenge
… just the fallen in the long war with Agent Orange
… We need action now… No more words… no more speech
for like the jungle it destroyed… its tendrils reach


How can I let the dead be?
No one knows exactly
how I feel about them
… only me

A friend can say…
and think they may
but no one knows… only me

My dreams and my memories
are mine alone.
Others may sympathize
but cannot begin to atone
… appreciated they are
but you see
no one knows exactly… only me

Together we are still
each alone
and it may be so
until our memories are gone
and called home are we
Then my dead I will see
Until then no one knows… only me


Faye Sizemore: Prayer for Poppa
David R. “Poppa” Alexander
Dear Lord
We hold up in prayer
our brother… David Alexander
He is a Poet Soldier who has defended his country
and his faith… in deed and in his written verse
against friend and foe alike
His faith is steadfast
and we ask your blessings of healing and peace
upon David and his family
We ask these things in Jesus ‘name
based upon our faith and your promises
We pray this prayer in Jesus name
Thy Will be done


The shades of day
are falling,
he is hastening
to his Savior’s calling
From our sight
… his face will be gone
Poppa David
… is going home
Keep a light
in the window,
dear Poppa,
to guide us
to where we belong
We shall follow soon,
it won’t be long
We, like you,
will also go home
The cares of this world
shall fade away
and we will all gather together
upon a brighter day

ONE a.m.

The phone rang
and drowsily I mumbled ‘Hello’
‘Faye, Faye? This is David
‘Poppa… Poppa?’
‘I just wanted to tell you that it is so beautiful here.’
The voice faded and I jerked awake.
The phone was not in my hand
It had not rung
but the voice was fresh in my mind
and I am sure that it is so beautiful there

Author’s Note: Remembering David R. “Poppa” Alexander