Randy E. Richmond


Death is not an enemy to people who believe
It only serves to interrupt our earth bound family
Upsetting plans of mortal man, of those left here on Earth
Yet death succumbs when it becomes a glorious rebirth

The years we have in this world are sometimes precious few
Then the mystery of eternity holds a Heavenly debut
The times we have together here, though treasured and adored
Are but a fleeting shadow compared to evermore

A death brings many tears to loved ones in the night
Tears that serve to temper the Master’s sword of might
Memories are left to ease the pain of long and lonely days
‘Til we’re allowed to understand God’s often different ways

Death, we do not welcome you, but if you venture near
You need to know that in our hearts, there is of you no fear
Unwittingly you’ll help us reach our final, lofty goal…
Everlasting life with Jesus, shield of the human soul


As you and many of us who have lived this many years have discovered, words in times such as this are often inadequate and even at times inappropriate. Thoughts are not. And so I thought to share this poem I wrote for my Dad shortly before his death in 1993… one I have never shared before now and one I hope you won’t consider inappropriate. I just tried to simply say that death is never the winner when you hold the Truth, Life, and the Way in your heart. My Dad held that as I know you do David… God’s blessings to you and yours, now and forever!

Randy: May 6, 2006


a cyber bear-hug and a sharp salute
and you can bet your sweet patoot
that when you’ve crossed that valley you will see
that Heaven’s all it’s been cracked up to be!

… and likely my friend even much more than you, me,
or any earth bound soul could possibly imagine, dream, or hope for…

see you down the trail.