Nancy L. Meek


It’s not what I would do with him
but what he’s done and does for me.
I’ve acquired a love of his caring spirit,
that gentle man he’s come to be;
the empathetic part of himself;
the part that shares with glee;
the soul of him who prays to God
for even those who’d turn and flee
should he, himself, require prayers.
That’s the Poppa whom I see,
the friend who’s there thru good and bad,
through laughs and life’s calamity,
who asks but little from his friends,
but gives them much upon his knee,
who prays that God would bless us all;
who’s done and does it all for free.


Poppa, my dear friend, what more can I say
before your journey through this realm is done
but that soon you’ll know forever and a day
what it’s like to stand and Face the Son,
to feel His warmth embrace your being,
free of your mortal vessel racked with pain,
all you ever dreamed and prayed of seeing
grander than any rainbow after the rain.

Poppa, dear Poppa, what more can I say
but thanks for those loving notes you send,
for heeding God’s call to believe and obey,
for seeking ‘til you found our Truest Friend,
His mercy, His grace, and the faith to believe
that there’s a healing place after the pain,
more love in Heaven than we can ever perceive,
more peace there than one can hope to attain.

Poppa, brave Poppa, what more can I say?
May God bless you for being a friend to me,
for setting the example as you fade away
toward that realm where you’ll spend eternity.
Oh that my faith will be as strong as yours
when my time draws near for my spirit to flee
to our Father’s house, where there are no wars,
and where you, dear brother, at last I will see.