Gary Jacobson


Happy Veterans DayPlay last taps over a noble warrior’s sacred grave
Now gone before, the better way to pave
From the Halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli
Over hill, over dale, blazing the shadow of death’s victory
Comforted are we,
This valiant spirit now found rebirth
For he tirelessly toiled in war’s hells on earth

His destiny lies where the sound of guns are heard no more
Enter now that Holiest door to heaven’s celestial shore
Reserved for those who gave all standing hickory tall
For family, hearth and home fighting the good fight
Resisting opponents of right with fists of valorous might
Who lived and died for liberty
That all mankind might breathe eternally free

Proud wave his bold legacy
Great courage in greater bravery
A heroes heritage in honored history
Hear this patriotic life story
A stouthearted tradition of faith and loyalty
Revered duty to truth his gallant birthright
With zeal sworn our nation’s brightest light

Winds whispering of Divine peace in God’s kingdom
Blow softly over hallowed grave of a leader of freedom
O’er a man who more than self his country loved
Who madmen’s wrongs in this wide world righted
Who peace on earth so diligently fought for
Who for a consecrated flag, arms he bore
Whenever duty called, always marching to the fore

We will never forget him…
Metered with Pure patriotism’s dignity
Answering that clarion call to sacred beings infinity
Head held proudly high with an eagles steely gaze
On ascent to heaven, herald angels triumphant glory raise
Singing of life’s many deeds worthy of praise
For him stalwartly true to his beliefs abode all his days

A warrior’s death, only a warrior to higher slopes moving his camp
Strategically to higher ground, free from mortality’s dews and damp
Moving to a position more defendable to protect divinity’s face
To a sacred place near the Master’s grace
No more to suffer a warriors tired and weary bones
Immortal healing free from life’s slings and arrows atones

Now he’s free at last from earthly toil and pain
Heaven’s richest blessings to this valiant warrior ordain
Who smiled in the face of fear with disdain
Opposing madmen to the suffering of others cavalier
Standing as a worthy barrier to make life for others easier
Family, friends and country in devotion protecting
Inalienable rights guarding

Celebrate now the life of father, brother, son exalted
All hail his life true to values precepts honored
Who powers of mortal evil with his good right arm abated
Pass now into arms of brothers again reunited
Into the arms of beloved family on the other shore waiting
For this soldier’s very being embodied giving
Who left this world a better place for his living…


You gave us hope
You gave us strength
You gave us purpose
You gave bravery to walk that extra mile
Patience everlasting from slings and arrows that beguile
Showing shining faith with a smile…
I hope the things you taught us stay with us awhile…
Now that you are gone.


It is a sad day…
Yet the happiest day…
Our friend Poppa, has gone away,
Yet straight into his Master’s loving arms today.

Poppa gave all he could on earth give
Now on the Lord’s right-hand side… he does live!
Poppa has not his life blood shed…
For he is not dead!

Poppa is where he most wants to be
Preparing the way for his beloved family
Planning for them great bowers of eternal love
Celestial showers raining down on them from above…

So do not cry for him…
Trumpet glad tidings for him…
Rejoice with triumphant refrains for him…
The choir of heavenly angels sings for him…

Poppa sits beside the Lord in sweet amazement.
Oh how wonderfully ecstatic that moment
When Father and son tenderly embrace…
What tears of joy must be streaming down Poppa’s face.

Oh how lovely was the morning
Bees were humming, sweet birds singing
Radiant beamed great love from the son above
When within the Holy firmament winging
Poppa saw the God of love.