Danielle N. Calhoun


David R. “Poppa” Alexander
For David R. “Poppa” Alexander
It may be too late to say my goodbyes
It may be too late to sit here and cry
It may be too late for me to write this

But it is never too late to tell you my friend

You were a rock when I needed someone
You like many others made me feel at home
You are and always forever will be

A tried and true American Hero
In my heart is where you remain

I miss you Poppa and wish you were here
I miss you Poppa and I shed some tears
I miss you Poppa you always were the one

To tell me God blessed me
As many others have done

I love you Poppa I adopted you when
You told me you thought of me
As your friend

I miss you Poppa and one day when we
Meet up in Heaven I will see your sweet face
For you were an Angel in one Hell of a way

Love Always


Poppa, Ed, Tony, Snake:
Brothers in heart and mind.

All their lives
They have tried to find

Pride and Joy;
Love and Happiness

Brothers in the heart,
Brothers in the mind

Brothers just the same;
Brothers and they are mine.

God Bless You All.

Author’s Note: For David “Poppa” Alexander, Ed Tieman, Anthony “Bushranger” Pahl, and Phil “Snake” Rasnake – Brothers in Arms and IWVPA Members


Bless Poppa,
God Bless Snake.

God Bless you all!
God Bless the USA.

God Bless America
God Bless the Heroes

God Bless!

Author’s Note: Dedicated to my closest friends, “Poppa” Alexander and Phil “Snake” Rasnake, both of whom are Vietnam Veterans