Steve Brandenburg


Did my time in sixty-eight and nine,
Vietnam was in its prime.
Learned my life not worth a dime,
In those two years of time.

Got lucky, just did my time,
What is waiting for me in line?
Many friends did not come home,
Why do I feel alone?

They were there, I was not,
Is this why I am forgot?
Considered, worth not.
For not having been shot.

Do you believe the feelings I hold,
For the combat vet so bold?
Am I wrong to feel this way?
I think of them every day.

Those living and those dead,
Yet I can feel their dread.
I feel for those that bled,
And for them a tear I shed.

This poem prompted the response, “Words from a Vietnam Veteran” ~ ©Copyright July 18, 2002 by David R. Alexander