David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Too much water has passed under the bridge my friend
For a little thing to tear us apart before the end.
Brothers of war, have a special bond that holds stronger than most
For we that made it through will never give up the friendship ghost.
Too much water under the bridge!

Bound together with glue stronger than those we might happen to meet
A beggar, a merchant, a farmer or a clergy passed upon a busy street
Veterans of war have made many a sacrifice
And no few words or misunderstanding will be a cutting device.
Too much water under the bridge!

Acquaintances by chance, brothers by necessity, friends by choice
But when the chips are down we stand of one voice.
Too much war we have seen my friends
Keep not a grudge for we have seen too many meet their ends.
Too much water under the bridge!

Sacred bonds that only we can understand
Whether we come from one nation or many, we stand man to man.
So let not your hearts be troubled, as our friendship will never end
Any disagreements for us should be easy to mend.
Too much water under the bridge!

I shall be honored to stand by your side and your enemies help you fend
For our time on this earth is short, thus harmony we should spend
All the troubles of this earth will soon pass away
But I will remember my brothers till my dying day.
Because together we have seen “Too Much Water under the Bridge”