David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Dad I take pen in hand to write you
First time I’ve felt the need to.

Mom showed me the letter she received
She was all alone and for you she grieved.

Dad I’m someone you never got to know
Never did you take me down to the fishing hole.

Mom and I were all alone
Although Grandpa has most things to me shown.

I wanted to have a Dad like you
For you are the Dad I never knew.

You left mom thirty-four years ago
And a lot of water the bridge has seen flow

Dad you are someone I wanted to meet
And oh yes I turned thirty-four last week.

Mom told me what she could through the years
She often spoke of you through her tears.

She misses you Dad and always will
She used to go stand and wait for you on the hill.

I understand for our country you gave your all
And now all you have is our love and your name on “The Wall”

Dad I am writing this letter to leave to you from me
And for all the visitors that come to see.

But before this letter is done
I wanted to tell you next week you will have your first grandson.

I can hardly wait for you to see
As we finally meet in heaven you and me.

This is not a letter of regret
But rather a letter to let you know that we will never forget

Love from your son!