David R. “Poppa” Alexander

IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: November 8, 2004
Awarded November 8, 2004

It’s been thirty odd years since Jake passed away;
Thirty odd years, and he is still on my mind today.
Thirty odd years of disbelief;
Thirty odd years of selfish grief.

Time takes away the hurt one oft hears it said
But time doesn’t take away the dreams when you are asleep in bed.
Time heals all wounds from physical to mental
However time sometimes is just plain detrimental.

Time takes care of most of the physical wounds as most can plainly see
But time can’t heal the anguish that is hidden deep within me.
I read the work of many brave men
Then put myself in their pain for there once I have been.

Say a prayer for all – say a prayer for me.
But most of all say a prayer for time to take this torment and let me be.
Time maybe a comfort to some I’ve heard it said
But it isn’t a comfort to me while I lay sweating in my bed.