David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Laying here on the ground not cold any more
Eyes wide open, and the rain is beginning to pour.
I can see you kneeling there shedding tears for me?
Sure, but I can see you through these eyes.

Now I’m being loaded onto a chopper.
There are more like me being loaded very proper.
These brothers are all dead; off we head into deep blue skies.
What a beautiful horizon as we bank I can see all of you through these eyes.

At home again, in a casket, I recognize many people here
Mother and Dad, first time I’ve seen Dad shed a tear.
There is family and friends here all dressed in coat and ties.
They all look so sad but dignified I can see them through these eyes.

Seems I’ve been gone for such a long time
I seem to be searching for something and a tall hill I must climb.
There are some of my brothers and family at The Wall; it’s great to see you guys.
My hill I have climbed, I know what I was searching for; I can see you through these eyes.

Time for you to go now, I know how you have felt for all these years
One last touch of my name and wipe away the tears.
I have only feelings of gratitude, love and brotherly ties;
It was sure great to see you all through these eyes.