David R. “Poppa” Alexander


He had grown older than he realized
His hair now gray and the gleam had left his eyes.
He still remembers his friends of long ago;
His gait is shorter and he walks kinda slow.

One thing he still finds the time to do
Every year at Memorial and Veterans Day he shows the respect due.
Each year he pulls out the stool from the kitchen, and climbs to the shelf
And takes down a box and opens it with care all by himself.

Within the box are the treasures of his youth:
A few ribbons, a hat and a worn uniform, remembering the truth.
Long ago his mind takes him back
To the days of his service and pictures lay neatly in a stack.

He takes out the uniform and slowly puts it on.
The years have taken a toll on the uniform, but the pride isn’t gone.
His quest isn’t an easy one for it causes him to remember days from the past.
It’s hard to believe the years have gone by so fast.

Dressed and ready he makes his way to the corner of the street
Maybe this year an old friend he will meet.
As the parade slowly moves along he stands proud and tall
For once again he is in uniform and his service he does recall.

As the color guard passes with the flag blowing in the wind
He salutes it with vigor and shows the pride from within,
For another year has come and gone and no friend does he see,
But he won’t stop coming because, to him, he still fights for you and me.

He will always remember even if his days maybe numbered
And his health may leave but he shall remain unencumbered.
Because he stands for all that came before and shall be there long after he is gone.
For his God, family and country he served and still to the flag is he drawn.