David R. “Poppa” Alexander


This is my world and welcome in;
It’s always nice to see a friend
Even if it’s in a dream.

Friends from so long ago visit while I sleep;
Into my dreams they tend to creep,
Faces from the past.

Friends that have been dead for such a long while
Now at night they visit me and smile
Welcome to my world.

Men that came to be my brothers,
Friends like no others.
Still they visit me at night in my world.

At night while I dream
They say “it’s O.K.” it seems.
Their presents leave me with memories of the past.

I’ve made friends in the time since
But none that can fill the loss so intense.
Welcome to my world.

For every one that died there in that place
Hundreds more took up their race
That means more to visit me in my world.

So if you have the time or the urge
And if you think within my dreams you can merge
Welcome to my world.

So many last nights I did see,
Standing in heaven waiting for me.
All were there to Welcome Me to Their World.