David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Danny was a quite boy, not yet quite a man,
He had red hair, and freckles from his face to his hand,
As I reached him lying there in the sand,
Tears in his eyes, he said “Lt. Please hold my hand”

I knelt down beside him there in the mire;
He had been such a good boy, who was now a man.
He said “Lt. Could you please write my folks?”
Who of you could have refused this man named Dan?

He said, “Their names and address is in my pack”
My mom’s name is Sarah and my dad’s name is Jack.
I assured him I would write them, but he would be just fine,
Danny said, “No Lt. It is now my time”

Blood coming from both his ears,
I just couldn’t hold back the tears,
Danny must have seen them for he said,
“Don’t weep for me, Lt. I’ve had eighteen years.”

The medic looked at me and shook his head,
He mouthed the words, in five minutes he’ll be dead.
I couldn’t help the pain that I felt.
I offered up a prayer there as I knelt.

Lord, “why did this have to happen to him?”
I talked to Danny till his vision grew dim.
He told me the story about his mom and dad although I didn’t ask,
Then as he finished, he drew his last breath and his face grew the color of ash.

I cried like a baby, and no one around could keep from doing the same,
For Sarah and Jack’s son had died and Danny was his name.
I thought of my mom and dad, and how on the day I left my dad only shook my hand,
But when I looked around as I got on the plane, my dad had turned his
back and was wiping his eyes with his handkerchief in his hand.

I won’t you to know I wrote that letter to Danny’s mom and dad,
It was a difficult thing to do, and then I wrote one to my dad.
By the time I got home no sign of Sarah and Jack could be found:
You see after I wrote that letter, within six months they were also Heaven bound.

You can believe this writing or you don’t have to believe this man,
But I can tell you this Sarah and Jack had a MAN and his name was Dan.