David R. “Poppa” Alexander


“Saddle up!” came the command.
How much more can we stand?
Out all night on an ambush patrol,
A light rain falling, we actually got cold.

No one to relieve us they said,
Sometimes I think it would be easier to be dead.
But saddle up we must,
Another klick to hump before dust.

Has everyone got enough ammo?
Does anyone have an extra poncho?
C’s for us to eat,
Cold, wet, and aching feet.

Be sure your rifle is clear,
Boy, I wish I had a beer.
Pots on top of your head,
I can barely remember my clean, soft, dry bed.

Got a letter just a while ago,
Seems like a month sense they killed Joe.
Mom said they were just fine,
I hope we don’t get into another bind.

How far did you say we had to go?
If it keeps raining, we can just row.
Mud up to our knees,
Can’t even stop to catch a few z’s.

Quiet! Now we are getting close,
I seem to be scared now more than most.
My time is nearly thru,
Just ten more days and I’ll be going home to you know who.

What’s that you say? You want me to take the point?
Dang, just ten more days and I’m out of this joint.
What’s that up ahead?
Watch out boy or you will end up dead.

Did I hear something or am I dreaming,
No, I can see something just up ahead gleaming.
Hold it men scatter out;
There is something up there without a doubt.

What happen, I can’t move my feet, I think I’ll have to sit,
Wait I must be dreaming, ‘cause I can’t be hit.
What is this red stuff that I see?
This stuff can’t be coming out of me.

Just ten more days and I’m out of here,
Wake up boy, have yourself another cold beer.
What is that pain? I can’t be asleep that would be dumb.
Let me see where that red stuff is coming from.

Damn, the pain is getting worse,
Medic! Or better yet how about a nurse?
I think I’ll just take a nap,
I can tell now that red stuff is coming from my lap.

I can’t be hit, not now;
I must be, but how?
I can’t take that nap, gotta stay alert,
Now the red stuff has covered my shirt.

Damn, that’s blood I see,
And I think it’s coming from me.
Momma, can you hear?
Only ten more days and I’m out of here.

Where can the Medic be?
Surely he will come take care of me.
What are they doing? I no longer feel any pain,
Anyway what happen to the rain?

I’m right here can’t you see,
It’s me right here, my rifle and me.
Hey Doc, What’s that I heard you say?
You gotta fix me up I’ve only got ten more days.

Oh good they are moving me,
Hey Doc, only ten more days and home ward bound I’ll be.
Doc, is it getting dark already?
Doc did I show you the picture of my sweet Betty?

Hey Doc, come on back
Don’t let them put me in this sack.
Did they say I was dead?
That’s crazy, I must be sleeping and in my clean, soft, dry bed.

I no longer can see through this haze,
I must be dead and I only had ten more days.