David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Ten military men marching in a row
From here they know not where they might go

Nine military men training for war
Only nine military men to even a score

Eight military men actually make the grade
Wishing they all could have stayed

Seven military men sent to a distant land
Going to fight the enemy in the hot burning sand

Six military men struggling to secure the peace
Praying for the other’s quick POW release

Five military men one of them had his lives blood spilled
Now the five remaining are left here to rebuild

Four military men doing as best they can
Wondering if their next stop will be Iran

Three military men stopping to ponder their fate
Hoping that the relief force won’t be too late

Two military men sadly reminded of the other eight
Knowing that they will be waiting for them also at heaven’s gate

One military man sadly must realize that his time is short
No one around to this mission abort

Ten military men reunited at heaven on high
Knowing that on each other could they rely.

Ten military men sent to Iraq
Ten military men and none of them coming back.

My prayer is that this poem never comes true
So I’m asking for your prayers for them too.