David R. “Poppa” Alexander


There is one thing that holds us together
Never mind the hardships and the weather,
A time when we fought and depended on each other to survive
And that is the cord that helped us stay alive.

Regardless if we were enlisted or officer rank
We only had each other to thank.
For the most part the world didn’t give a damn
For those of us that were sent to Vietnam

Now that we have grown older and see with different eyes
For the most part we agree that the governments were full of lies.
We weren’t political, nor maybe should we have been
So we only depended on each other and each was more than a friend.

With each passing year I am reminded of each and every one
Some are still with us and others war is done.
With each passing year we must remember all
Because we are all getting closer to the Master’s call.

Where you are take a minute to recall
We are all in the same boat big or small
I now render a hand salute to each with humble heart
And to each my brotherly love and gratitude I impart.