David R. “Poppa” Alexander


Once a soldier always to remember
January through December
No one can take that away
Not even a single day

Their pride and patriotism can’t be diminished
With the passing of time and task left unfinished
As they view the new military of the years
Remembering may cause the shedding of a few tears

As they remember the fleeting youth of yesteryear
And the members of the era that held them and their peers
The youthful body and the full head of hair
And the hope that none of this age will have the weight of war to bear.

But alas their thoughts are in vain
As they stare through their window pane
Because the truth of it all as long as we live free
And long may that be, war and rumors of war will always be.

The prayer of all old soldiers standing on the side
Is that wherever these youth travel to protect us worldwide,
Is that the lessons learned by their predecessors they would always abide
For much too soon these youth of our country will be standing on the side.

So if you must reflect
Don’t classify the old ones as derelict
For all too soon you will be standing with pride
Only to realize that you too are Standing on the Side!