David R. “Poppa” Alexander

Soaring Eagle Writing AwardSPIRIT

The spirit of all veterans
is not measured by something seen.
But the spirit of veterans
is something that has lingered as memories become pristine.

An old soldier may become stiff and sore
but the spirit of a veteran never wanes
as age may make him unable to fight anymore
but the wiliness and know-how still runs through his veins.

While watching a parade and the flag comes slowly by,
he will be the first and sometimes the only one to stand and salute.
His spirit will assure us all that the flag will always fly.
A veteran may become too old to fight but never too old to shoot.

When the country faces an enemy here or on a distant land,
never have a doubt that the veteran’s spirit will never let you down.
His spirit will be with each soldier in the jungle, or in the foreign sand.
I wager each of you know one, at least one from your hometown.

The spirit of an ole soldier, now known as a civic pride,
will always be present and support his country at every turn.
He will be there for you and never will you see him run and hide.
So young soldiers listen well to his stories and well you may learn.

Because the spirit of all soldiers young and old is what keeps us free
It is better to stand tall and fight, when you must, than hide your pride;
Then you become no better than a coward and for your own life plea.
Listen to their spirit because their brothers, for you and me, have died.